@LifePacPA Congatulations to Donald Trump on a well deserved win. We stand along side you as we move forward with our Pro-Life goals.





We are very proud of Pennsylvania which is the state that gave the final votes needed to put Donald Trump over the top with the Electoral College.


The nation’s pro-life movement is celebrating the defeat of Hillary Clinton, who vowed to expand access to abortion up until the time of birth.  She has made it clear that Planned Parenthood would have her ear at all times and she promised to appoint pro-abortion Supreme Court justices.


Donald Trump on the other hand has promised Pro-Life Supreme Court justices and to defund Planned Parenthood if the group continues to perform abortions.


Along with Pro-life people winning the White House, voters also put Congress and the Senate into solid Pro-Life hands.  These great pro-life wins shows us that the American people reject unrestricted abortion on demand and the radical pro-abortion policies of the Obama administration.  And our newly elected leaders will hopefully begin at once to overturn these death policies and begin the process of ending abortion in our lifetime!!