@LifePacPA Congatulations to Donald Trump on a well deserved win. We stand along side you as we move forward with our Pro-Life goals.


Circle June 6 on your calendar for the Stand Up for Life Rally and lobby trip in Harrisburg’s Capitol Rotunda. We need you, and all those you can bring with you. Your presence will help pass life saving legislation. Presenters include: Dr Monque Ruberu, Tv & Radio host Christine Flowers, Disabled Child advocate Kurt Kondrich, former state rep Mark McNaughton – and Pro-Life Caucus Leaders Kathy Rapp (House) and John Eichelberger (Senate). But YOU are the most important one to be there!  We have a bus leaving from Monroeville and it is free, but donations are welcome and donations from those unable to go would be appreciated to help defray the cost.  For a seat on the bus and more info: call 412-531-9272.