@LifePacPA Congatulations to Donald Trump on a well deserved win. We stand along side you as we move forward with our Pro-Life goals.


Candidate Highlight

It is never to early to jump in and help a Pro-Life candidate who is seeking to run for office.  One of the Pro-Life candidates seeking the nomination for the U.S. Congress, 18th district, is Dr. Rick Saccone.
He has proven himself to be an excellent candidate as he has served the Pennsylvania House of Representatives since 2010.


“I have been working hard to put Pennsylvania back on the right track by defending the taxpayer. I’m proud to have helped pass six straight budgets with no tax increases and no borrowing. In addition, we prevented a $5 billion dollar proposed tax increase that would have crushed our senior citizens. I will never stop fighting to eliminate school property taxes and reform oppressive government regulations.  I am also proud to have helped pass tougher regulations and health inspections on abortion clinics and spoke passionately on the floor of the House to pass legislation ridding us of the ghastly technique of dismemberment abortion and reduce legal abortions from 24 to 20 weeks.  I will continue to defend our unborn children as they have few other advocates for their safety in government”.  Rick Saccone

Please visit his site to find out more about Rick