@LifePacPA Congatulations to Donald Trump on a well deserved win. We stand along side you as we move forward with our Pro-Life goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of LIFEPAC is to seek, identify and support candidates for public office who are dedicated to the sanctity of human life. We do this based on signed responses to questionnaires, personal interviews, public statements and actions. We recognize the right to life as paramount to all other rights and are motivated to electing the best candidates in every level of government.


LIFEPAC was organized in 1980 as a Political Action Committee dedicated to upholding the sanctity of human life.

LIFEPAC seeks to identify and support candidates for public office who share this value of life. While we realize there are many different issues of concern for Judeo-Christian voters, we believe that no issue supersedes the right to life. All other issues are incumbent on being alive.

LIFEPAC is the oldest pro-life PAC in southwestern Pennsylvania. Prior to an election, we distribute over 100,000 of our voter guides to interested pro-life voters in eleven counties. We also place ads in selected media advising the electorate of our identified candidates. Private distribution by concerned citizens in the churches is vital to our efforts because of the high concentration of pro-life voters.